On A New Team

Team sports have always been appealing to me. Playing hockey, baseball, football and basketball, I relished in what can be accomplished together but also being part of something outside of the competition. As a hockey and basketball player, I took as much pleasure in making a great pass as I did n scoring. Finishing is ...… Read the rest

The Future of Professional Learning Part 2

You may want to read part 1 but I think this post does stand alone. In general, I think professional offerings will be expanded and diversified moving forward. More than ever, teachers are more comfortable with webinars, chats and courses. Since there is currently little to no face-to-face opportunities, it seems participants are more accepting ...… Read the rest

The Future of Professional Learning Part 1

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While the pandemic is raising lots of questions about the future of schools and education and rightfully so, there isn't much talk about the future of professional learning. While virtual conferences and webinars have been around for a while, they only reached a small percentage of educators. Much like the early days of using technology ...… Read the rest