Using a bunch of stuff to make a great day

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Last week I got to spend 3 full days learning all about Palm(R) handhelds and the wonders of one to one computing. Very cool and the possibilities continue to mount.

I scheduled my flights to insure I was able to spend a full day in San Francisco. So Saturday was my day to enjoy the city by the bay.

Being a small town boy and never having been to San Fran, I wanted to make sure I was prepared for the day and get the most out my time. So early preparations began with many tours using Google Earth.  I created a folder of all the major sites that included, transportation, hotels, sights, geocaches and more. Next I downloaded the BART schedule to my Palm® TX so I knew exactly when and where to catch the train. I also downloaded several geocaches into my device as well as a tourism application for San Francisco.

Arriving on Saturday morning at the corner of Powell St. and Market, I hoped on a cable car and headed for the Fisherman’s Wharf. I walked around a bit and decided to go after … Read the rest

Cathy’s book

Bud posted this on his blog and 2 things caught my attention. The first is somewhat insignificant to the post but the fact that Bud asked the student to use their cell phone to call the number on the book made me think about the ease and natural way we could be using this technology. The second thing I like about this is that I love the way this book appears to be intergrating traditional media with digital media. Writing a book that requires folks to seemlessly move from online information to group problem solving is really interesting.

Written by one of the creators of I Love Bees, an early incarnation of an ARG (alternate reality game), Cathy’s Book is a puzzle wrapped inside a book and scattered around lots of voice mail boxes, collections of documents, websites, and . . . well, we’re not sure what else yet. We just know it’s addictive and contagious. At least one other student here at school is waiting to read the book, and we’re all reading voraciously; we even met up today during lunch to check in on the progress that we’ve each made. (All of us had discovered different clues

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Technology and Vacations

Came back from vacation down to Yellowstone last night. A big thanks to Wes for guestblogging. As expected, he did an outstanding job and of course manage to post some great stuff.

Looking back at our holiday, there were a number of ways technology was used to create a better vacation.

  • Wiki. We travelled with another family and used a wiki to plan out the details. While I basically did all the editing, everyone viewed it many times prior to the trip and we all sat down and used it to finalize things. When travelling with another family, it was nice to have many things pre-planned.
  • Flickr. Friends and family members loved being able to keep up with things along the way. In addition, it enabled me to deal with all the pictures in smaller chunks rather than doing it all after the fact. I also found a great little bookmarklet that easily adds a geotag to your photos. I also incorporated a little tip found at that we had a lot of fun with.jumping on the mountain
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GPS with the kids

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Had an interesting day at Ross with Grades 4 and 5 introducing them to GPS and Geocaching. We certainly had some problems getting accurate satellite readings. Even with all the problems, there was no lack of interest and enthusiasm. Lots of math, science and social studies concepts are necessary for them to develop understanding on Global Positioning. We’ll try again on Friday.

This is the location of the parking lot.
.Geocache location

Here are the enthusiastic kids.

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