The Ukulele Project Remixed

I originally blogged about this  story almost 3 years ago from CBC Spark. It represents so many wonderful ideas about sharing, connectedness and the shifting role of teacher and education. I'm planning to use it in an upcoming presentation but didn't want to simply play the audio. I spend about an hour finding the right footage and photos and created a pretty simple movie. Again, nothing fancy but if you'd like to use this 3 minute video, you're more than welcome to do so. 


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The Photo a Day and Video Work Flow

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Yesterday I posted about the video project that ties in with my photo a day. I thought I'd provide a bit of an insight into my work flow mostly to document it for myself but also to see if others might see any way to improve it or simply add their own approach.


I use iphoto to organize and edit photos. For the photo a day project, I use the 365/10 tag and create a Smart Album to find them easier. I also upload to Flickr and the tags are retained. I don't worry too much about adding them to the set in flickr but I do that manually inside flickr. I wonder if I could eliminate a step there. Fortunately when I access the photos in iMovie, they are in chronological order so I can grab them all at once and drag them in. Currently I cross check the number of photos in my flickr set and inside iphoto to insure I haven't missed a day or forgot to tag them properly. Usually about once a month I do this and so far I'm bang on. … Read the rest

The Ukulele Project

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Another gem from the Spark podcast. Listen to this 3 minute story about the Ukulele Project.


There are so many powerful ideas packed into this story.

  • Geography is largely eliminated from the learning equation. These stories continue to emerge from isolated communities that realize there are opportunities to be found and are willing to find them.  Isolation may be the mother of invention when it comes to connected with others.
  • The teacher's recognition that there may be others in a better position to teach his students is key. The teacher became the network administrator in providing his students with other experts.
  • People want to share. The fact that other ukulele players flocked to provide instruction and share their passions continues to be the theme of the social web.
  • Music matters. While not a direct message in this story, research is clear about the value of music in learning. Learning an instrument requires complex thinking.
  • Modeling how to learn. These students have been given a powerful lesson in teaching themselves. Having access to a variety of people/resources will serve them well in their future.

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