Screen Splitr

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This is screen splitr

iphone on the screen

Screen Splitr, originally uploaded by shareski.

I downloaded ScreenSplitr for the iphone to display my iphone on a screen using Apple AV cables.

Previously, these cables only enabled you to play video from your iphone. Another reason to jailbreak your iphone.

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Student Cellphone Presentation

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Tuesday, students from Craik were able to present their learning with cellphones to Liz Kolb and about 20 ustream guests. The stream was a bit wonky but I did manage to record the hour in 3 segments. The last recording is likely the most interesting as it features more of a conversation with students, Liz and Ustream questions.

Here they are in case you’re interested:

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You should have seen these kids

I must say I was brimming with pride during the Tlt Summit. Our division presented 10 of the 60 non-commercial sessions. As one of 28 school divisions in our province and one of the smaller ones, I think this says something. I don’t apologize for bragging about the people I work with.

Because of a last minute cancellation I was asked to do an additional session. I immediately jumped at the opportunity to suggest the conveners invite Carla Dolman to do a session on her use of cellphones in the classroom. Maybe my smartest decision of the year. Carla agreed and decided to bring with her a half a dozen kids to help her. You should have seen these kids.

I wished I’d have capture it. Carla began briefly by outlining the thoughts behind the experiment to use cellphones. After about 15 minutes she paused and asked for questions. The audience of about 75 immediately began asking the students questions. “Did it change your learning? Were you tempted to use it to text or call in off task ways? Was it just a novelty? How did students who didn’t have a cellphone feel? Are you still using it … Read the rest

Podcast 36…Project Based Learning and some other stuff

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Quick podcast ala Bud the Teacher, 12 minutes long on some reflections of things I’m working on.

Show notes: 

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Cellphones as Learning Tools…the movie

As promised, here’s a quick inside look at one school’s efforts to use cellphones as learning tools. This video doesn’t really do justice to the actually learning that is taken place. The cellphone is enabling students to easily incorporate a variety of communication skills and allows them to share content easily. This is still in its early stages but does capture the concept that learning tools are right in our students’ hands.

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