That was fun

So that fact that your birthday is splattered in any number of places means some interesting things.  We get all kinds of well wishes from different spaces. It’s nice. It’s part of the glue of social networks, little bits of sharing to build community.

My life is pretty much an open book. For some that’s just too weird, dangerous or stupid. It works for me.  My network of acquaintances/colleagues/connections and yes, some friends, know a lot of odd things about me.

I received many birthday wishes but David Jakes (I linked to his blog so you’ll all head over and urge him to blog more) started this little beauty:

And the fun began.  I’m not sure I capture them all but I hope so.

For those who  have had the opportunity to observe my online nattering, I can see how some might find it trivial, self-absorbed and even perhaps useless. There’s some truth in that for sure. But I can say that much of this it isn’t far off from the way I approach teaching and learning. Wrapped around the glaze of foolishness lies the belief that you need to invest and embrace a level of vulnerability and be prepared to engage in idle chat in order to build community and in turn truly learn from each other. For me this means sharing silliness, exploring new ways to share and communicate and discovering that being playful and curious about other people actually matters.  I also think this doesn’t necessarily lose you academic credibility, although again, many would write me off because of my overt sharing practices. I hardly care. I’m sure there are other ways to do this but I’m quite happy with how things have worked out for me. Not that I’m seeking power but “the less you share the less power you have.” In a time of economic downturn, I have tons of social capital.

So with that I give you a really neat little gift that from some really cool people. They supplied the gift, I wrapped it up and put it in a box.  That was fun. (FYI, I uploaded this first to youtube but the rendering of the screen captures was pretty unreadable, vimeo does a much better job. There, you learned something)

Birthday Tweets from shareski on Vimeo.

  • When I saw the emerging feed, I was going to say something like “you know you’re like @shareski when your about to put together a blog post about this experience”. I was expecting a blog post, but great to see you have taken it a lot further and really had fun with it.

    At the very least, it appears that your contributions to your network, to your online community, and to education are well enjoyed and appreciated by many. Nicely done … I hope you have at least another 45 ahead of you.


  • Nancy

    Happy Birthday Dean,
    You don’t know me, I’m a lurker/follower on Twitter and often read your blog.
    I love what you wrote about putting oneself out there, many would say fearlessly- but what is there to fear? I saw Ewan McIntosh speak recently and he mentioned putting thoughts on his blog and he often changes his mind, and so what?
    Anyway, I enjoy your tweets and I think we all need to lighten up a bit. I love my friends in my physical environment, but if it weren’t for my connection to family and friends online my life would be half (or less) lived each day.

  • Hey Nancy,

    Lurkers are good. I sincerely hope I can provide some tiny bit of inspiration and encouragement for others to step a bit more. I’m convinced the power of sharing is critical for success in our world. It’s always been there but it is now more critical than in the past. All the best.

    Thanks. You know me pretty well also.

  • Happy Birthday Old Man.

  • Do I get royalties too?

  • Dean,
    I learn from you and laugh with you (sometimes at). Thanks for sharing so much of your life. And thanks for being my tweep 🙂 Hope your birthday was great!

    Melanie Holtsmans last blog post..Engaging the Eye Generation

  • Happy Birthday Dean!
    As I saw David’s tweet emerge into a full blown tribute (tweetbute?), I thought, “Wow, this guy has a lot of people who genuinely like him!” You are a rich part of our PLN because of your openness and willingness to share, not only your life – but your enthusiasm for teaching and learning. You are an inspiration to all of us. For those who look at Twitter and “just don’t get it”, I’m showing them this post. All the best!

    Nadine Ns last blog post..What Twitter Means to Me

  • Jim


    Jims last blog post..Spamhaus Issue Finally Resolved

  • Whoever said that virtual communities aren’t “real” – has never experienced anything like this. Thanks for sharing your birthday video – totally made my day!!

    Colette Cassinellis last blog post..Make a self-calculating Survey

  • Thanks for putting a big smile on my face while I am at work. I loved watching all of the tweets. I am glad your birthday was the best birthday ever!

    MaryAnn Sansonettis last blog post..Cupcakes for who you love!

  • Robin Beaver

    “Sharing the silliness” helps us get to know each other as people which in turn makes it more comfortable to ask the hard questions, debate the big issues and come to new understandings. Hope your birthday was lovely.

  • Happy Birthday a day late since it’s already Thursday here. Tremendous video. If I hadn’t been on a plane, i woulda Tweeted “…when your a vegetarian depending on your wife’s mood.” ;0)

    Will Richardsons last blog post..Looking Forward at Learning

  • @Nadine…. I was surprised as you that people actually like me. Who knew?

    @David. No.

    @Jim. You frighten me.

    @Will. “on a plane”. You always have an excuse, don’t you?

  • Once again, you take creativity to a whole new level. Loved this and agree with Colette – made my day!

    KarenJans last blog post..Ideas to Inspire – Amazing Resource

  • Gerard Vaillancourt, Alberta Agriculture’s website manager, got me directed to your website and I have been reading ever since.

    Probably the most meaningful “Happy Birthday” comment I can make that you were a significant inspiration and source for a blog post this week. And “you know you are like Dean Shareski when you believe that serendipity does not happen by chance. Serendipity is enabled by conversations”.

    Neil MacAlpines last blog post..It’s about the social

  • Happy Birthday buddy! Just read this in Feedly and saw the vimeo vid. What a great b-day gift: given, received, and given back.


    Darren Kuropatwas last blog post..David After 5 Years

  • wow its good idea for somthing diffrents.i think you remember to every one "fun is every where" no times of the limits.thanks

  • its good idea and its good and different fun so Happy Birthday Old man..thanks