EdTech Posse 8.1

We are now in our 8th year of podcasting. I could be totally wrong but I'm going to declare us as the longest running educational group podcast on the planet. If I'm wrong leave a comment and I'll retract.

We had a relatively quick conversation with Rob as Alec and I were in the same room planning for our workshop the following day. 

Here's some of the show notes:


Also, you'll want to listen and earn a coveted Posse Mug. Hey, I've now done three consecutive posts as podcasts which is a new record. I'm kinda diggin' the audio again and am actually planning to develop a workshop on audio design. Anyway enjoy the show.




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EdTech Posse 7.2

Really has it been almost 6 months since we last recorded? That's bad. 

But it's great to chat again with the posse. As an added bonus we took over #ds106radio and recorded it live. Alec, Heather, Rob and I are joined by my daughter Meredith as she talks about her new book. Alec shares a bit about his recent trip to Australia and Heather and I talk chat a bit about my new gigs. 

If you like silliness and seriousness all mixed together, you might enjoy this. 

Oh, by the way, if you're wondering about image I used, you'll have to listen, at least to the first 5 minutes. 

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EdTech Posse 6.4 “Drill Down Baby Drill”

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With some heavy, late night editing, Rob was able to get our last night's podcast posted. Nice job Rob.


Show notes:

School reform: The “Waiting for Superman” media circus

Technology issues for post-secondary faculty (informal research for Alec’s discussion with University of Regina faculty)

We can haz prizes?

Thanks to edublogs (especially Sue Waters) for sponsoring the prize for the show. Listen to the show for details on how you can win.

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Enjoy the show: 


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EdTech Posse 6.3

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Rob and I have an ISTE proconference chat. We also discussed Dean’s iPad, packet shaping and what makes the perfect storm for educational technology leadership.





Ideas for upcoming shows

What do you think we should be talking about? Send  your ideas in the official EdTech Posse Podcast topic suggestion form http://bit.ly/dmaPLf (and you can see suggestions made so far at http://bit.ly/arxg1O)

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