Why Am I Still Using Social Media?

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Since the inception of social media which emerged in and around 2005-07, it has gone from something as silly and useless to essential and powerful to dangerous and divisive. Perhaps all of those elements remain in some respects but certainly, the danger and divisiveness is the dominant narrative. If you've watched The Social Dilemma or ...… Read the rest

Delight 13: Press Record

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This post is part of a series of posts I'm writing on delight. I'm big PVR/DVR guy. I record sports, news, shows, you name it. I realize in an age of streaming, the PVR has become somewhat antiquated but it's still a useful tool for me. Specifically for sports. Given the amount of sports I like ...… Read the rest

Education’s Dysfunctional Relationship with Happiness

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If you asked parents "What is it that you want for your kids?" You'd have an overwhelmingly common response of: "I just want them to be happy?" While they may add other things like health, a job they love and good relationships, happiness would top that list and likely cover all those other things as ...… Read the rest