Joy and Love

This past week was Discovery Education's annual summer institute affectionately known as DENSI. 150 educators from all over the world spend 5 days together at what really can't be described as a conference or professional development. It's something different. The affection I feel for the people I just spent the last number of days with ...… Read the rest

Yesterday, I Wasn’t My Best

First of all, I'm fully aware I have one of, if not the, best job in the world. ┬áMost days I acknowledge this fact and work passionately to fulfill our goal to build and foster community.┬áBut occasionally, like all of us, I have a day or moment when I don't give my best. As part of ...… Read the rest

Reminding Myself to Keep My Mouth Shut

I believe strongly in debate and civil discourse. I've gone so far as to design a course that explores what this looks like particularly online. I've not hesitated to critique language and ideas I think may be harmful.  That disposition always needs to be tempered with an understanding of the world we live in. Social media ...… Read the rest

Do We Have to Draw it That Way?

My wife teaches grade 2 and has all her students choose their own theme day. She spreads these days our throughout the year. Earlier this month one student chose Legos to be the theme. My wife had her students draw themselves as Lego characters. She had them use this image as a pattern. As her students ...… Read the rest

Hour of Code is Good Enough

Photo by Kevin Jarrett

Whenever a new idea is introduced to education, expect a flood of criticisms. That's not necessarily a bad thing, in fact, we need naysayers and critics to challenge all our ideas. It's what makes a democratic society function and it's important for our ideas to be challenged in order to improve them. Hour of Code is ...… Read the rest