On Noticing

I travel a lot and I’m good at. Travelling out of a small airport make connections tough so I often have to come up with ninja moves in order to get where I need to or get home at a reasonable time. I know exactly how long it takes to get through security ...… Read the rest

Stop Being Bad with Names

Stop Being Bad with Names “I’m terrible with names.” It seems like a very common statement. Maybe you’ve said it yourself. I’ve always prided myself with knowing people’s names and yet I've never been as intentional as I ought to be.  There have been 3 sources that I’ve found recently that have addressed this theme ...… Read the rest

Going Gradeless

https://twitter.com/shareski/status/1086084915890860034 I've written and presented on assessment many times in the past 2 decades. The trend in education is clear: Most people, if not all, believe grades are a poor representation of learning and yet many can't figure out how to either de-emphasize or get rid of them entirely. My current grading gig is with ...… Read the rest