The Unique Leadership Challenges in Education

Last Thursday I had the privilege of participating in a live twitter chat. Hosted by #MBEDchat in Winnipeg, about 30 folks gathered live and others joined online to discuss the topic of Leading Learning. Rex Ferguson-Baird and I led the conversation around 4 big questions. The first question we posed was: "What is unique about leading ...… Read the rest

When The Answer is Both

Should schools prepare students for college and careers or to be good citizens? Do we want students to get good grades or love learning? When it comes to teaching Math, should we focus on procedures or problem solving? Should learning be fun or hard? Do we want students to consume content or create content? Should we be using ebooks or ...… Read the rest

Thank You Reclaim Hosting

I had a bit of a scare on Sunday. I got an email from Bluehost that my server had been infected and deactivated and if I did not clean it up it would be deleted in 15 days. A little technical background. I know very little about web hosting, servers, coding et al. Ten years ago, ...… Read the rest

People I’ve Never Met That You Might Follow

My friend Paul McGuire is doing a session at our upcoming Day of Discovery event in Ottawa and asked me for some people I'd recommend to follow on twitter. I was hesitant to respond because I feel it's a fairly personal choice. So rather than giving handles via twitter, I thought I'd blog about it ...… Read the rest