Surprisingly Awesome

In a world where information and ideas are everywhere, I'm fascinated when people have a healthy obsession with something and go into great detail to analyze and deconstruct a topic or idea. Sometimes it's the topic itself but more often than not, it's the person's enthusiasm for the most minute details that keeps me interested. As a ...… Read the rest

Community Stories

I'm often reminded that I have one of the best jobs in the world. Getting to work with districts around the world, I continue to value and appreciate the high quality of people who have dedicated themselves to helping young people. Being able to spend time with these people and hear their stories, encourage them ...… Read the rest

When Beauty Leads to Empathy


I've been blessed to speak to a variety of audiences and events around the world. But in September¬†it was my great privilege to speak alongside my youngest daughter to a TEDx audiences in West Vancouver. Having spoken in West Vancouver a few years ago, I was asked to return. A few weeks before my invitation, Martha, ...… Read the rest

This is High School

CBC has released an excellent series called This is High School. The 6 part series follows a couple of vice-principals and at a high school in Kamloops, British Columbia. Each episode features 2 students who have various challenges. While there are many documentaries out there about schools and education what makes this one worthwhile is the ...… Read the rest

Kids First or Learning First?

As educators, we are aware that our job is about children and providing them with the very best learning experience possible. However, any organization or system has those people who forget this and at times even act in ways that impede this mission. ¬†The recent shifts to focus on learning as opposed to teaching along ...… Read the rest