Telling the New Story…the Video

The interview I did with Kathy was actually videotaped and included some thoughts from students and parents. I hope this is another way of telling the new story that illustrates the concept of the new classroom.


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  • Joyleen

    I am very impressed with how the students are able to have the “real world” in their classroom as low as the grade 1 level. This is a changing world that we live in and we have a responsibility to help student prepare for that world rather than reject it. Thanks for the insight Kathy!

  • Wow, was that a Red Hat Linux login screen? Could you share more about that?

    This is an awesome video. I’m going to share it with teachers in my district, and curriculum directors!


  • shareski


    Our school division embarked on a project with Sun Microsystems. We were able to use thin client technology to provide every classroom with 5 stations. It has had mixed reviews for a variety of reasons, the main ones being not being able to save to the same network and unstable use.
    Recently the servers were updated, single login to one network, software was updated and so it is being used more in some cases.
    Kathy has always been an early adopter and has been diligent in using them in her classroom.

  • Shelley Addis

    Hi Kathy,
    This interview gives a great insight on your experience with technology and serves as a good tool for others who might view your classroom blog as it is today and feel inept at taking on the task themselves! Thanks for sharing, motivating, inspiring as you meet the needs of your kids.
    Shelley Addis
    Tanglewood Elementary
    Derby, KS