Telling the new story Part 2 Podcast 17

This is part 2 in my series of podcasts on telling the new story. The first of these was with Darren Kuropatwa who teaches high school math in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

podcastimage2.jpgThis podcast is with Kathy Cassidy who teaches grade one in Moose Jaw, SK. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Kathy on a number of projects and have observed how she has worked towards making technology a seamless part of her students day.

Show notes:

I also took some video of her classroom and this interview and will post that as a vidcast soon.

11:20 7.8MB

*Update: itunes was having trouble with the mp3 naming conventions I used so this file has been renamed. Same file different name.

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  • Dean thanks for sharing about Kathy. I’ve chatted with her many times on Blogmeister. I also listened to your interview with Darren.Hello to Kathy! It was great to hear your interview with Dean. You were very eloquent. Your statement that you are not really a techie( I doubt that) just reinforces that this is about good teaching and it just so happens the tool you use to talk to those kiddos in New Zealand is a blog. Keep sharing your skills and enthusiasm.
    Cheryl Oakes, USA
    PS Bob Sprankle and I are teaching a summer class for our teachers and we would love to use this podcast series!

  • shareski


    I just listened to your interview with Wes Fryer. Thanks for your perspective on

    I saw your bubble share posting on Kathy’s site, the kids really enjoyed it. You certainly have my permission to use these podcasts.  Please record your sessions for me to use as well…Social networking at its best!

  • We hope to podcast our classes, blog, and have an online record of professional development going for the people who attend, and anyone else who wants to join virtually, it is a process. Thanks again.

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