What’s for Supper?

Those who follow me on twitter may know my wife has abandoned us for a week to visit my eldest daughter in Toronto.  While I really do do most of the cooking, in her absence I get a bit lazy. With two teenagers coming and going, it’s often just my 9 year old and me. Coming up with meal ideas can be tough. I posted this playful remark on twitter (see Clay’s description of how he views twitter) and John Pederson went ahead and created this  and then sat back and watched it unfold.

And while all this is easily dismissed as silliness, it demonstrates a number of things about networks. There are actually a few good ideas here.  I’ve often thought about a website to collect recipes. Yeah I know there are a gazillion out there already but getting a recipe from a trusted friend is always better. I liked Ramen Noodle Video link which I may even use on Saturday for a PhotoStory workshop I’ll be giving.  These things happen so much we take it for grant it. I’m blessed almost daily with great serendipitous learning experiences.

Clay Burell says:

Fun is fine, as long as you can demonstrate purposive learning at the same time. (I mean, come on, that’s the way I behave on Twitter – playful learning and sharing, sometimes pure socializing, other times pure teamworking – so why be a Gradgrind teacher and prohibit the same playfulness for my students when they network?)

I like to play and I like to learn. Play and learning go together well.

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