Still talking about Commposting…(no it’s not misspelled)

I’ve written about commpost rating a couple of times. It’s my own made up term to calculate the ratio of posts to comments. Not comments on your blog but comments you make on others. You need some type of tracking software, in my case it’s CoComment which by the way has been working better as of late espescially in terms of my RSS feeds. How else do you track conversations you’re interested in? Don’t tell me you just leave a comment and then never return? Anyway….

So I started in January with this:

  • 99/140 =0.71  Meaning I wrote more than I commented


  • 155/107=1.45 Getting better trying to reach my goal of 2 to 1.


  • 94/48=1.96

So as of August I’ve been commenting almost 2 times to every posts I make. Admittedly I’m boasting but in my discussions with teachers about sustainability and building networks, this practice is critical. You will never create a global audience but sitting on your hands and waiting for the world to drop in on your work. I can’t think of a short cut around this. If you want a friend, you have to be a friend. If you want a network, you have to be part of the network and commenting and contributing to other’s work is the best way.

I’m not sure how or what Stephen Downes uses to track his comments if he does at all, but I continually see his name in many conversations outside his own blog. He understands networks.  I have an amazing network but it’s not by luck  or chance. I’ve had to work at it. If I expect to get a response and support from my network, I’ve got to do the same for my network.

If you’re still wondering how to build a network, there aren’t many shortcuts. Start commenting….seriously. What is your commpost rating?

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