Updated CommPost Rating

I’ve made some gains in my quest to improve my commenting. (See this post from January for background)

My commpost rating in January was 0.71. Since then I’ve written 107 posts and commented 155 times.


As well I’ve likely commented at least 50 more times that I did not use cocomment for whatever reason. Ewan Mcintosh and D’arcy Norman continue to be all star commenters at 246 and 163 since January as well. I’d like to track more people on cocomment so please let me know if you use this service. I had some of my students this year use this and it was great to be able to track the contributions they made on other blogs.

I know the recent changes in cocomment have made some people less than enamored but it works okay for me.

So my question is, what is your commpost rating and also if you don’t use something like cocomment to track your comments, what do you use?