Podcast with Bud the Teacher

Bud the Teacher was our guest last month since he was the winner of our previous contest. Fortunate to have such an astute winner, Bud, although in Nashville, sat down with us for a great chat about a bunch of stuff.

put together our podcast so have a listen and there will be a chance for you to win a coveted EdTech Posse mug.


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  • WHAT? No one has posted to your blog about the mug? VENN DIAGRAM. Im sure it has been posted on the show notes or on one of the other contributers blogs. Hey I LOVED that podcast, and am ever so thankful I subscribe to it. You guys rocked my world yesterday as I listened to it on the way home (my weekly three hour drive!) Teacher Librarians can be the best friend fo every member of the school environment, and you affirmed that for me yesterday. Yes, I AM a teacher librarian and a catalyst for change. Thanks so much for a great blog and podcast. Almost makes me want to be Canadian. : )

    Cathy Nelson
    (cathyjo in twitter)

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  • Even though I didn’t win the prize 🙂 (Way to go, Cathy!), I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the podcast. It’s one I listen to on my long commute to work. Thanks fot great content to listen to. It’s much appreciated.
    It’s funny that you chose “Venn Diagram ” as the word to mention. I was just discussing Venn Diagrams the other day with our curriculum specialists. Our curriculum in K-5 uses the Thinking Maps mapping program EXCLUSIVELY, which doesn’t even include the traditional Venn Diagram. They need to open up a little, since Venn Diagrams are the standard (and are tested), not “double bubbles”. I’m hoping that the concept transfers easily.

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