October 16, 2007

Networks are amazing

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Last night I noticed my superintendent was blogging again. She hadn’t since spring so when my RSS notified me I was surprised but certainly encouraged. I immediately made a post to twitter and was pleased by not surprised by their response. Not simply by the numbers but the quality of their responses to her blog about blogging.

Here’s the work of my network:

  • It is also through the sharing that I have begun to connect with others who stumbled upon my thoughts. Through these interactions, they have helped me grow professionally in ways that I cannot fully describe….Vinnie
  • Why blog? Why not! You’ve nothing to lose and whole host of new friends and ideas to find….Kelly
  • You would be surprised how many people care!…Jen
  • I do think it’s incredibly valuable. Especially when we have educational leaders blogging and contributing their voices to the conversation!…Stephanie (extra kudos to Stephanie who join us today during one of our PLC planning meetings to share valuable insights.)
  • …the process of reading and reflecting has enlarged my boundaries of what education can and should be…my pal Jakes
  • I can honestly say reading blogs and writing my own is the best professional development I’ve ever had…Cathy
  • I think it’s vitally important for people who don’t consider themselves techies to blog….Jeannette
  • it’s time better spent focused specifically on becoming a better teacher, a better communicator and becoming better connected to the wider educational experience…Alec
  • Kudos to you for the efforts. It does take time, but in the end you’ll find it to be well worth the experience..Cami (education student)
  • if only these veteran educators would blog so I could read more…Chris
  • if you think about what it is we ask the kids to do as they learn and grow…synthesis of information is the highest level…Kristin
  • blogging builds community, whether with your colleagues, families, or friends…Susan
  • My thought is that, in order for education to maintain relevance we need to shift how learning happens. I look forward to reading your thoughts, anecdotes and hypothesis’ on these topics…Kyle (another education student)

Thanks to all these fine people who recognize the importance of leadership moving forward. I love the fact that the comments are from folks that have been around for a while and others who haven’t even got started. They all get it.

She posted her brief but important response today.

Photo courtesy Clarence Fisher

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