Seeing Progress

I posted about my blogging and administrators last week and already small but significant ripples are showing.

We did have one principal who started to blog. I’ve had some conversations with him and promoted his blog during my talk. This is a copy of the email sent out by one of our superintendents.

Hi everyone, I am forwarding an e-mail to you (all school administrators) that I received from Alan Stange. It contains a link to a blog he has developed for Central Butte School. He discussed it with the group during Dean’s presentation at the last Administrators’ forum. Notice how quickly Alan is able to get information out to the community. The information regarding criminal record checks was just sent out to schools this morning.

Included below are some of Alan’s comments:

These weblogs take the mystery out of all the web page mumbo jumbo. If I want to add something simple I just email the information to the blog like I am emailing this to you. If I want more complicated formatting or a picture I seem to have to sign into the blog and post it there. We had a web page and lost it when we restructured. We still have not put it back up. Mostly parents want information in a timely manner and web pages often have out of date information. The Blog is much simpler, though I can put permanent information along the side. I dearly hope my technological school community members will take the opportunity to begin adding comments to some of the posts. It could be a nexus for dialogue we need about the things we do. You have to be cautious about what goes up and I will have to moderate the posts and the comments.

I don’t take credit for these revelations but are encouraged by these reports. I recognize my role as cheerleader, evangelist, researcher, whatever you want to call it. But folks like Alan are the ones who really make change happen.

Well Scott, maybe dreams can come true!