EdTech Posse Podcast 2.3 – Communities, Open Source in Education

ed tech posseIt had been a while since I had the pleasure of chatting with the posse. As always, we learn from each other. Nice to have Heather join the squad. Alec, where were you? Missed your voice. Rob has put together some nice show notes for our talk last week. You can head over to the posse page if you have a comment on the podcast.

It was make up your own topic night when Dean, Rick, Heather and I got together via Skype on Oct. 25, so the conversation covers a lot of ground.

  • Stephen’s critique of K12Online and responses (I chose Wes’ response because I thought it was a measured, reasonable response that showed an interest in maintaining a dialog. Sadly, other comments seemed more like they would be heard in a junior high class.)
  • Group dynamics of blogrolls, networks and groups
  • Women of Web 2.0
  • Characteristics of communities, Dunbar’s number and grooming
  • SCoPe and November session on Open Source in Education
  • Roadblocks to the ability of teachers to use free/libre open source software in schools
  • Problems moving courses out of proprietary course management software to Moodle or other open source software

A small production note – I used the Levelator to get the vocal levels consistent for all of us. Big thanks to Alan Levine for his blog post about Levelator, and to GigaVox media for making this tool available for free!