Podcast 20…Blogging with Administrators

I spoke to about 80 school based and senior administrators last week about blogging. I only recorded the first 12 minutes but the link to the slides has all the slides.

The focus of my talk was on creating connections. Evidence that my talk resonated was the fact that after I invited them to begin reading conversations using Bloglines, over 30 of them requested invites. Now like anything, I’m not sure all will make this part of their routine but even if 10 begin reading the conversations that are taking place, it’s going to make a difference.

The audio ends at slide 22 of 44.

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  • Nice job!

  • Great stuff, Dean. I really like the Paolo Freire quotation at the end. I’d never thought of the applicability of Freire’s ideas to blogging, especially educational blogging. It just illustrates that all this technology just give us better tools to implement known methods of good instruction.

  • This is super cool. Remember that you also can invite them to create their own blogs so that they can begin tapping into the power of blogs to build and enhance relationships with the community. We’ll set ’em up and host ’em for free!


  • This is terrific and fits right in with some items I’ll be addressing on the obstacles keynote. I appreciate your sharing it so much as it will be so useful to so many. It will be right at the top of my resources list for my presentation! Keep up the great work you’re doing!


  • As one of the folks attending Dean’s workshop — I have started a blog — not without some hesitation. I have been listening to Dean’s urgings for several months….and have decided I can no longer ignore his call for blogging!

    Dean’s message is compelling, relevant & timely. As with so many changes being called for in the new work — it’s the application that makes the difference.

  • Hey, you’ve got the start to a good podcast here. Got an iTunes link so I can subscribe?

  • If you do a search in itunes for me or “ideas and thoughts” you’ll find my subscription. I’ll try and add a sidebar button as well.