The Great Debates

I love debates, especially when it comes to controversial topics that I struggle with.  Ewan is in an official debate regarding social networks.  And like Will, while I side mostly with Ewan, I hope to learn of some viewpoints I hadn’t considered.

I’m naturally attracted to blog posts where controversy and heated discussion occurs. That’s why you need to visit the site and not simply rely your reader because you’ll miss the comments. While some get overly concerned with the tone and their interpretation of malice, I’m interested in the arguments and appreciate diversity because it helps me learn.

Here’s one I’m currently watching: David Warlick’s post on Pedagogy and Gary Stager’s Response. The fact the Gary is challenging David is far from novel but no doubt their previous bouts have been helpful to me in developing my own beliefs. I like what both of them stand for and say. Is that weird or possible when at times they seem to be on opposite sides?  My feeble comment on the issue restates my feeling that they are likely closer in their thinking than it appears but still their discussions and perspectives serve to clarify and hone my thinking.

Another one that might not materialize but I find interesting is Tom Hoffman’s concern about Dan Meyer’s latest design contest. I won’t even provide much detail here because I’m not sure what I think yet but hope others join in on this to voice their opinions and uncover the nuances and perspectives on this issue.

Embrace diversity and learn.

Image: Courtroom One Gavel Joe Gratz

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