What About Snapchat?

Jun 24

Snapchat has been around for years. Educators were quick to file it under “bad social media” as people focused on the ephemeral nature of the tool and essentially thought of as a way for teenagers to share inappropriate images and videos. I had a conversation a while back with my then 15-year-old about her use of snapchat. She was drawn to it because it...

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2014: My Year in Numbers

Jan 03

Pretty basic stuff here. I simply copied the keynote template I used for last year, changed the data, replaced the images, tweaked a few builds, exported it to imovie, added some music, published to youtube and voila. Having all this data and doing nothing with it seems a bit pointless. Not that anything gets over analyzed but it’s another means of reflection....

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2014 Year in Photos/Videos

Dec 31

It’s just another story caught up In another photograph I found. And it seems like another person lived that life A great many years ago from now, When I look back on my ordinary, ordinary life, I see so much magic, though I missed it at the time. Welcome to year 7 of my annual year in photos montage. In case you missed it, here are the previous...

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An Oscar Type Moment

Mar 11

During any talk or presentation I give I make sure that people can reach out to me to share a story, ask a question and even challenge me. I value the ways in which we don’t need to let a one time presentation but a one time presentation. Recently, someone shared a great story and I thought I’d pass it along here. It’s a story about gratitude, joy...

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2012: My Year in Numbers

Dec 27

It's not like I have nothing else to do but when people ask "Where do you find the time?" it's usually not because they think what I've done is so amazing but rather so dumb or insignificant.  Thanks for the compliment.  I take solace in Clay Shirky's statement that "even the stupidest creative act, is still a creative...

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Best day

Apr 14

Remember when people used to post videos they liked on their blog? Now we just tweet or post them to Facebook which is fine I suppose. This video is one I'm sure many of seen as it is destined to go viral if it already hasn't. I first saw it on twitter and since have watched it at least 7 times showing it to all members of my family who each watch with smiles...

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