PowerPoint Extreme Makeover

Here’s a condensed version of a presentation that I’ve done on using PowerPoint effectively. I recorded it using Camtasia studio. I’ve been exploring it lately both as a pure screencasting tool with only audio but here as a presentation tool with Picture in Picture. Not sure what is most effective but you can decide for yourself. So if you have a free 20 minutes….(again, reading this in your reader won’t likley display the video)

Note: I have a director’s account in youtube which allows me to upload videos longer than 10 minutes.


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  • http://techchicktips.net Anna

    Okay, I have no idea how I found this and maybe it was you? But have you seen this YouTube video of Microsoft designing the iPod packaging? I was just a few minutes into your video above and thought of this…

    Very funny!

  • http://www.winthrop.k12.me.us/wgs/index.htm Rosie

    I was wondering if there was any way we can receive your CD’s to have them on file when showing to students and teachers. I will be setting up and after school tutorial for teachers who are learning how to integrate technology into their lessons and would like to use some of your points. You come up with a lot of great points that I would love them to see.

  • Mona

    Hi ,
    This viedo was very helpful .. ‘cuz I’m working on my project about using pp in classroom ..
    but I want to ask if I can download your viedo to add it to my project.. or if you have any ideas to add .
    please let me know ..
    my e-mail

    I’ll be waiting to read from you :)

    thank you

  • Mitra

    I want to teach biostatistics with pp .please hlpe me.

  • http://internet4classroom Michael Reazuddin

    October 1, 2007 at 6.45 pm.
    Bumped into this site accidentally but certainly a good education in pp presentation. Recently came out of a Certification Class where the presenter was constantly becoming a part of the presentation thus compelling his audience to engage in pick-a-boo. Knowledge on individualistic style of Lessig, Godin & Atkinson is remarkable.
    However, it will be great to have some similar material for the beginers how to get started with pp.

  • AL

    Hi, I am a Senior Law enforcement instructor and am looking for ways to improve my powerpoint presentations. Your help is greatly appreciated. AL Perez

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  • Marie

    Great hints, thanks for sharing, definitely more effective than having to read slides!

  • Jeevan

    What is the best way to go about presenting technical stuff at an University for example… the expectations of the audience are different from the case when you are trying to sell a product… generally people listening to you are (if a student is presenting something) are more knowledgeable and they are hardly impressed with all the imagery (this is not to denigrate the significance of “impact presentation” you had emphasized)…

    There is bound to be lots of text and equations – the audience expects you to show them… but this goes against the conventional wisdom of presenting which you highlighted here…

  • http://fordee.blogspot.com David Fordee

    thanks so much for this video and post. It was very helpful for this World History teacher and trainer of teachers. Lots of nice tips that I learned from you. And I got plenty of feedback on some of the things I was already doing well through dumb luck or intuitive nature. Thanks!

    David Fordees last blog post..Kung Fo Watching

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  • http://camtasias.com/links/free Camtasia

    Hey, cool post. My Dad and I were discussing this just the other day, and he had some weird ideas! lol Are you going to extend this? I would love to learn more :)

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