November 27, 2006

Blogs on Corner Gas

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If you’re not familiar with Corner Gas you’re missing something. It’s a great comedy that is filmed in Rouleau, SK, just half an hour from my house. (One of my headers features the set). They recently did an episode on blogs. The other neat thing is that CTV is now offering the episodes online. Watch it here. Corner Gas is also being distributed in the US. I know many CBS is offering shows online but as Canadians, we can’t access them. I’m hoping some of my US readers will let me know if they are able to view the episodes.

Pass along a review of the Blog Episode.

Update: As Michael points out in the comment below, it has to be a Canadian IP to view the videos.  So CBS isn’t the only one who believes in protectionism. Watch for it in the US soon on Chicago’s WGN.

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