Ubiquitous or Pervasive

Our school techs will banter with each other about these catch phrases. Anytime they introduce new technologies, these words will evidently come into the conversation. It's becoming an inside joke. I watch the movie Cellular last night. Fast paced, energetic and thought provoking as it related to technology. I enjoyed the special feature which dealt ...… Read the rest

The Online Community

The learning that takes place with people you've never met is quite a unique experience. Currently I'm enrolled in a graduate class from Athabasca University. The course is called Human Factors in Distance Education. It's project based which I prefer but it's unusual in that most of the students are not educators. We're developing a ...… Read the rest

Rattling my chains

I heard Alfie Kohn speak this morning. He raised some interesting issues regarding grading and teaching in general. His basic premise is that extrinsic rewards are in direct conflict with intrinsic rewards and thus students will work towards a grade rather than towards learning and the love of it. If our collective long term goal ...… Read the rest