Who Would Want To Be a Leader?

I've been privileged to work in and with leadership in education for much of my career. I've been around so many great leaders and admire their various qualities and approaches to leadership. While it's easy to think there are essential characteristics that make up a good leader, the truth according to the research shared within ...… Read the rest

Outside the Classroom: Episode 20 with Patti Duncan

Patti Duncan is one of the most giving educators I've known. She has dedicated her life in service of children, adults and anyone who has a need. As she shares what being part of the Renaissance Faire Community means to her, you'll understand exactly what I mean. She's a dear friend and I'm privileged to ...… Read the rest

Outside the Classroom: Episode 19 with Tim Childers

When I think of Tim Childers it's hard to picture him without a camera in his hand. While he downplays his skills, he is a model for what it means to be a learner. Curious, humble and willing to try new things without fear of failure. Tim shares not only his love for photography but ...… Read the rest

Outside the Classroom: Episode 18 with Diana Laufenberg

Diana Laufenberg is a sought-after facilitator in educational leadership and inquiry. While she has lived in a variety of places, her sensibility and view of the world are derived significantly from her life and experiences living in rural Wisconsin. She's always fun to talk with and brings a smile to my face. The photo ...… Read the rest