Youtube is a verb

First we “googled”things, now we “youtube” videos. Youtube is now a recognized verb. From the urban dictionary:


n. 1. website where you can watch videos that have been put on by the internet public.
2. website where you can put on videos on the internet so the whole world can see them

v. when one looks for a particular kind of video on the website

1. The new Justin Timberlake music video is on youtube.
2. Man that video was so hilarious that we have to put it on youtube.
3. If your looking for some awesome racing clips, just youtube it.

Will has been advocating that blog be considered a verb for a while. (the hyperlink is over 3 years old). Recently I’ve learned to twitter. I’ve “youtubed” for a while. Many others have been youtubing as well. All these verbs make me feel more active than I really am (as I “blog” this from my couch). I wonder what new verb I’ll learn next?

Image: Youtube vs. Cicarelli