August 14, 2007

Me in 4 Slides

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I’ve been watching with great interest the efforts of Dan Meyer and Christian Long in pursuing the idea of the Chicago Graduate School of Business’ recent demands on their applicants. To see the idea begin somewhere very auspiciously and end up generating some great ideas and stories is very cool and a testament to the power of networks and creativity mixing.

While I love the idea, I didn’t enter the contest mostly because life here is a bit nuts and also because my creativity as small as it might be, needs some starting point and I didn’t quite get it until I saw the entries. All very good stuff.

I’m teaching a workshop on digital storytelling tomorrow and along with completely stealing Alan Levine’s great resources, I’m going to require my participants to give this concept a shot. I figured I needed to walk the talk so I created this. You’ll likely recognize elements in other entries but hopefully I’ve mixed some original design elements. I also used the tell a story in six words idea for each slide.  The idea of restraints and conciseness is continuing to mull around my brain as a key ingredient to effective communication.

Thanks to Dan and Christian and Scott for kickin’ it up a notch!

Me in 4 slides