Living Things


My oldest daughter is taking a few classes at the University of Regina to finalize her teachers certification here in Saskatchewan. She's taking an elementary science course but since she's taken much of this in her previous B. Ed, she negotiated to do a major project in lieu of some more traditional activities.

She's used her musical talents to create a ebook that specifically aligns with the Grade 6 Saskatchewan Science Curriculum. The book contains a songwriting guide and 8 lessons and original songs as well as a video. She would love if you would download the book and ideally use them with your students. The topics will obviously span a range of grade levels as well as the songwriting guide would be useful for many ages. Use all, parts or just listen and enjoy. Either way, she's presenting this to her class on December 1st. It would be wonderful if you would give her some feedback on how you used it or see potential for this resource.

So download it like crazy. Retweet tweet it. Give it away. It's all Creative Commons licensed.

[Living Things epub version]

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