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I regularly upload videos to a variety of services for a variety of reasons. Youtube is my site of choice, mostly for ease of use, audience and user familiarity.  Recenly I noticed blip as having particularly good quality so I have several videos there. I’d used Vimeo a while back but not much lately. Flickr recently introduced video and seems handy for short videos. I’ve also used Revver in the past but it’s been a bit flaky lately.

Last week I shot an impromptu video with my Canon SD750 Digital camera. I dropped in into imovie 08 (which by the way was designed exactly for this type of quick video and sharing) and uploaded it to the four sites. Here are the results:

Big Dog Meets Little Dog from shareski on Vimeo

The default setting for youtube won’t give you the high quality you get from the other sites. I found this site which rewrote the code to use the higher quailty video.

With that, it’s hard to differentiate between the four. Blip is larger by default but I’ve resized manually to make it similar to the others. Unless there are some other features here I’ve missed, I’m not prepared to recommend one over the other. Are you?

From Ian’s request I also uploaded the original 15MB .m4v file to my server and it is embedded here. It is better quality than the others since it hasn’t been converted to flash. However it’s download size and also server bandwidth might be an issue.

I also added a google video. I couldn’t find a high to embed the high quality format.

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  • What about just uploading the flv/swf to your own server and embedding it yourself?

    Ian H.s last blog post..Superheroes… and others

  • Nice work. I have a question that perhaps you can answer. YouTube is blocked at my school. How can I take YouTube videos and move them into other services that are not blocked? I talking here about videos posted by others, not my videos.

    Thanks. Keep up the good work.

    Stephen C. Velizs last blog post..Famous Failures

  • Dan Gross

    Have you considered using there are a few reasons I like it –
    1) you can upload a high quality video, and it will deliver that video to your viewers
    2) you can “sell” some content if you wish
    3) embedding is very easy, and easily resizable to almost any size right in the embed code
    4) video length isn’t limited at all – if you can upload it, they will take it
    What I don’t like is the search functions – other products excel at that. But if you want to upload a video, and embed it in your wiki or a blog page, this works great.
    Here is an example of how I am using this professionally. At our Internet2K20 meetings, I bring along my JVC HDD Camcorder and tape the meeting. I hit pause between speakers to split clips. But then I can embed those videos into our Confluence Wiki along with speakers slides and notes taken by the group:
    thanks for the side by side of these great video services!

  • @Stephen
    I have used Zamzar to rip video from Youtube and either download it as media file or then take the media file and upload it to TeacherTube \
    Zamzar works great, but TeacherTube has been slow and sometimes it has taken several attempts for the upload to work properly.

    M. Walkers last blog post..Thoughts on the Aspen Ideas Festival

  • Hey Dean,
    Have you seen ? You can send a video to multiple sites at once. That might be the easiest solution, use them all 🙂


  • Hi Dean, I liked the BlipTV video the best. Quality looks quite good in comparison. Could that be an artefact of the resizing? I like the BlipTV controller. Looks neat and tidy. Cheers, John.

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  • Here are a few nifty Quicktime embeds for Word Press.

  • Hi Dean, you have taken a great effort to share the awesome videos. It really gives the same quality as in YouTube, Myspace etc. I have the idea to embed my favorite videos from