Podcast 40 Going Global, Going Public

I tried to record the audio from my presentation last week but I must have messed something up. It’s likely for the best since I was able to condense a 50 minute presentation down to about 18 minutes. After removing the videos, discussion and excessive rambling, this is what you’re left with; the slidecast below as well as the mp3 for the podcast portion.

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  • Thanks for sharing Dean. Beautiful slides.

    JackieBs last blog post..Preparing for a new prep

  • Some excellent points Dean. May I use some of these slides for a future presentation?

    I think you hit some key points here, and just reinforces what I learned in Alec’s class last spring, specifically. your myths. This could be useful for future parent presentations, especially the realization that we cannot filter everything.

    You have thoughts on YouTube in school’s? I would really like your thoughts.

    Daves last blog post..Thinking Technology (and other stuff)

  • Dave,

    Certainly feel free to reuse all or any.

    As far as youtube, I did actually discuss it at the presentation. Youtube is really a microcosm of the internet itself. Full of wonderful and awful at the same time. Simply another challenge to sort out by teachers. Many teachers use it as an important part of their teaching. We certainly do not block it.

  • I love this presentation and it should be shown to all teachers as they start their year. Creating a digital footprint and domain names are the most important aspects in this wonderful post.Thanks! I will be sharing this with as many people I can.

  • nice work, dean.


  • Your “tweet” led me to this presentation. Thank you for “broadcasting!”

    You make such a powerful case for showcasing student’s academic work. Can’t begin to say how important this topic is as we petition schools for broader access to Web 2.0 tools. School leaders need quick access to a plethora of “academic showcases” to build justification for unblocking tools including discussion threads, IM, and live video streaming. Any work you can do to focus continued attention to showcasing student work is needed and appreciated. Nice work indeed!

    Beth Holmess last blog post..ElizabethHolmes: Making IT Happen! ISTE,CoSN,SETDA,NEA join to push 21st-century learning into PRESIDENTIAL election. http://tinyurl.com/68c969

  • Hi Dean,
    Great presentation and like you said, we’ll probably move the domain name project from a senior class gift to a junior year project where students can pull together exactly the digital face they want to show off to others. It really should be a cap to the digital portfolio they’ve created over their academic career.

    As for something else you mentioned later in the presentation, we do a couple Student Technology Showcases each year. ( http://www.infolitday.com ) Not for the tech (that’s put in the title just to get the parents to come) but for the kids to explain and show their parents the technology they use and take for granted every day. All our 7th & 8th graders have their own blogs but most parents didn’t even realize this until they came to the showcase. Once we get the kids excited about showing their parents the tools they use, they’re hooked. For example Google Earth may seem like old hat to us now, but bring in a parent use a projector and Smartboard to find a picture of their OWN house and they’re amazed.

  • Great presentation Dean! I agree with you in so many ways. I have pushed my family to think about their digital identities and my wife … mat. leave teacher … have taken major steps towards this. I began with googlealert in a fear of identity theft. I know am more excited about “who I am” digitally. I do hope we are able to showcase the technological achievements more, some students are prouder of these than their sports or other stages.

  • Rhondda

    This was a great presentation. I am at present talking to teachers about technology in education, especially some of the Web2.0 opportunities. I have included you slideshow on a wiki, that I will be using with those at my school, trying to increase their awareness or and get some discussions started, about how not if we should be using the technologies available to us. Showcasing student acheivements and encouraging an enjoyment in learning and sharing should be part of all schools.

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