My first crack at Keynote and Pecha Kucha

I’ve been interested in the Pecha Kucha format of presentation for a while but hadn’t had the opportunity to try it out. I’m going to have my students from my undergrad class give it a shot as they summarize their experience in this class. The format is designed to provide a concise way to include many presentations in the course of one sitting. (Think about watching 15 incredibly bad Grade 6 PPT’s on their favorite country and you see why we need this)

The pure model is the 20×20 format. 20 slides for 20 seconds for a total of 6 minutes and 40 seconds. This has become a fairly common business model. The fact that Dan Pink himself has considered this, lets you know the value of its format.

I’ve modified the format to a 20×9 format so each presentation is 3 minutes.

This was also an opportunity for me to explore Keynote a bit more. While still seeing only a few features that separate it from PowerPoint, I did like the record feature that allowed me to make a quicktime movie. I then uploaded it to youtube.

I really like this format as it forced me to be concise and try and utilize many of the design elements I think are most valuable. I muffed up some of the text and I think I pronounced pecha kucha wrong. But here’s my first crack.

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  • Kudos for trying it. It’s REALLY hard. Especially when you’re trying to present at an academic conference. Ask Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach!

  • Scott,

    I just realized the slides and audio are quite out of sync. Must have to do with the keynote export. Oh well.

  • Blaine205

    I am not by any means an advanced user of either PowerPoint or Keynote, but I am a new Mac user, and I’m really enjotying Keynote. It just seems to me a bit more user friendly than ppt. I like the way you can just drag and drop in so many of the Mac apps, and Keynote is no exception. The problem I ran into once (only once!) was saving it to my flash drive as Keynote, without realizing that the equipment I would be presenting on was PC. Oops! i could have saved myself the embarrassment by exporting as a ppt file. Live and learn!!!!
    One more mistake I won’t have to make in the future, having already done it…….

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