August 8, 2006

Great Geek of the Week sites

Bob Sprankle’s “Bit by Bit” podcast is one of my favorites to listen to, and I always enjoy the “Seedlings” episodes that Bob creates collaboratively with Cheryl Oakes and Alice Barr. Today in my 4 hours of driving to and from a small school in southern Oklahoma, the last three “Bit by Bit” episodes were some of the first podcasts I listened to. Bob, Cheryl and Alice generally share “geek of the week” sites, and I was particularly interested to learn in the first part of their latest series about Delibar (a desktop client for Mac OS X) and Roy: Tale of a Singing Zebra. I’m sharing a workshop with teachers on interactive whiteboards this Thursday, and I’m going to use Roy as an example of great, free digital curriculum now available online that is perfect for classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboards!

Thanks Bob, Cheryl and Alice for continuing to share your discoveries and educational journey with us all!