My child’s dream day at school

Picking up from the challenge from Brian, here are a few thoughts on my child’s dream day at school:

  • Project based learning would comprise at least half of their day. There would be at least 5 choices of projects that include:
    • working with local business or community groups
    • cross grade groupings
    • off site work
    • a final product or presentation
  • Physical activity and health related study would be a requirement every day
  • Daily reflective journals/blogs publicly accessible
  • If there was critical content or process not included in the project, these would be taught as traditional classes
  • In addition if there are skills needed in projects these skills can be taught in traditional settings as well
  • Everyone has a laptop

This obviously is not complete but as Brian requested, it’s a rough outline. I encourage others to develop a similar post.

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  • Thanks for the post! This is just the kind of response I’m looking for!