The New Distribution Model

It’s interesting as you begin to have deeper discussions with those who understand copyright and open source distribution. At the tlt2006 conference conversations I had with Rick, Rob, Alec and even David Porter all speak to the concept of sharing ideas and products. While this is not a new discussion, it has spilled over into another aspect of my life.

My daughter is attending Humber College as a music student. She has been in the recording studio as well. She’s applying for a music grant with Factor. I’ll be helping her soon to set up a website to promote her music. A recent posting from the Freakanomics blog pointed out Jane Siberry’s distribution model. Bascially you determine how much you’re willing to pay. Here’s her statistics:

% Accepting gift from Jane: 17%
% Paid by determining price: 37%
% Paying Later:46%

Avg Price Per Track: $1.14
% Paid Below Suggested: 8%
% Paid At Suggested: 79%
% Paid Above Suggested: 14%

This type of free or user detemined payment model is certainly a new phenomenom that most of us have trouble completing understanding. It appears it may work. Basically if you have a product or other marketable skill, the long tail concept should work in your favour at some point.

I’d be interested in your thoughts on this one.

Meredith singing at Open Mike

Here are Meredith’s songs in case you’re interested.