2017 in Photos and Video

This year was going to be my 10th year of doing an annual video of my year in photos but it almost didn’t happen. In May I had an issue with my external hard drive and my normal routine of saving and uploading photos was in jeopardy.  Like losing your Fitbit and deciding exercise is futile, I was less diligent about my photo a day effort.

I still did take photos but missed way more days than I ever had. So as the year was ending I thought it might be the year I put my yearly video to rest. Our New Year’s Day tradition includes having my family endure the 20-minute video of my year after which I’m teased about the number of golf and conference photos and generally the boringness of it all. And yet when I announced a few weeks ago that I wouldn’t do it, those same kids told me I had to.

Once again, more golf photos than you’d like, lots of sunsets and dog photos. But as October came, all that changed with the birth of Harriet Marigold Hynes. Our granddaughter is now the dominant subject of all photos and videos. While I never expect anyone to watch this,  (Sorry George, it exceeds your attention limit of 90 seconds) I post it for anyone interested as well as a documentation of another year.  In case you missed those other years here you go:

2010 (aka, the year I tried something crazy)

Believe it or not, I watch these occasionally the way many used to peruse their photo albums. I’m pleased to have 10 years recorded. Without further ado here you go:


2017 Year in Photos and Video from shareski on Vimeo.