Podcast 23 Naked Conversations

I called this podcast Naked Conversations because much of the content centered around the book by Scoble and Israel. It was a talk given to various members of Western provincial teachers’ associations. These are the folks who work with large provincial teachers’ associations on things like teacher contracts, grievances, rehabilitation, teacher advocacy, pensions and overall teacher welfare.

After some controversy about posting this, I’ve chosen to take edit out the audience portion and simply post my own voice. Not quite as powerful, but hopefully beneficial. (Thanks Anna for the encouragement.)

The focus of this talk was more suited to a business perspective rather than education and so the tone of the presentation was different from what I’m used to giving. As I drove up I listened to the podcast of Will and Rob Mancabelli. I know included at least 2 ideas from their presentation into mine and I’m not sure if I gave them credit. Not even sure if I needed to …after all I know that very little of my presentation is original thought but I digress.

Also, here are two one minute videos that I showed demonstrating the ease of blog posting and subscribing to content.