February 6, 2007

Can I post my own presentation?

I presented yesterday to the Western Staff 2007 Conference, a gathering of provincial teachers’ association executive members from 4 western provinces and territories. I recorded my presentation and right at the start I let everyone know it was being recorded and that I would be posting it later on my blog.

The session went quite well, there was some good discussion and received some very good feedback. Today I received an email requesting I not post my presentation. The presentation did contain the voices of the participants but in no way were identified.

I contacted Stephen Downes who immediately responded this way:

I would say that you have the right to post your words but not those of the others, unless you stated you were recording it and posting it ahead of time.

My sense is that most of the participants would not object and it may be only one or two that have a problem. So should I post it?  Has anyone ran into this before?  What are the legalities/rights surrounding this?