November 26, 2014

Beyond Hello: Ignite Your Passion for Discovery

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It’s been a great privilege of mine to organize and host several evenings across Canada called “Ignite Your Passion for Discovery”. These evenings are held in a local watering hole and feature passionate educators from the Discovery Educator Network and beyond sharing a story of passion be it in their professional or personal lives. These 5 minute talks take a great deal of work to develop and while short in duration, impact folks for long after the event.

Porter shares some DEN love
Porter shares some DEN love

This past week we hosted one in Vancouver and once again I was blown away. Many of the stories are of people I know well and want to use this forum to get their story heard by a broader audience. This time I had a few stories that I was not familiar with at all. To be honest, I was a bit nervous with the unknown but in each case was so glad they were able to share.

This story in particular has continued to challenge me. Kristi Blakeway is the principal at Harry Hooge Elementary School in Maple Ridge, BC. Her story is both deeply personal but also has transitioned into something she shares with her students. I’ll stop writing so you can watch.

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