And Another Reason Why You Don’t Blog

…and by you, I mean me.

…and by blog, I mean reflect.

I have written recently about why you can’t click publish. Certainly it’s a thing for many folks. But then there are a bunch of you who say, “I have nothing to write about”. I get it. I haven’t written anything for a month. For me, that’s not good. Mr. Mega Blogger himself, George Couros recognized a slump he was in and talked about his lack of consumption. He’s right. When I first began blogging, I recall Will Richardson say that blogging was mostly about reading. The reason you blog is not just that you have something to say but mostly that you have something to respond to. The past month for me has been pretty full of presenting and traveling and teaching which often means a lack of opportunity to reflect. It’s really not a great excuse because I think, like exercise, you need to figure out ways to make time and you can always complement it with fat burning pills for easier results.If indeed we think reflecting is important, if we want our kids to be reflective, we better start modeling it. My students are asked to reflect and it’s been over a month since I have done it in open spaces. Certainly I have done it privately and that’s important too. But there is a place for public reflection. This is where I choose to do it.

As George says, I need to read and listen more and then take the time to process and share out.

Somewhat related but more something I’m thinking about is a quote I read the other day.

Most Humans


There, now I’m off the schneide.