October 31, 2012

The Impact of Twitter on Blogging

This post was last updated on May 6th, 2014 at 10:33 pm

After a recent post by Graham Wegner, who I've been reading for at least 5 years,  and the ongoing thoughts I have about the impact of twitter on many things, I decided to send out a quick poll…via twitter.

Have you or do you blog regularly? How has twitter impacted this?

What I thought I would see was quite different than what I got. My contention has been that twitter is taking away from blogging. Twitter offers an easy way for people to participate and has a more immediate, instant community. Twitter was snack food, blogging represented a full meal. Blogging can be extremely time consuming for many as they languish in the pursuit of eloquence and accuracy, holding true to the traditional notion of publishing. Fortunately for me I've neither worried about any of those things as my few readers can attest to. 

While the interactions on my blog hasn't decreased, I know more and more of you visit because of links on twitter as opposed to the good old fashion RSS feed. That's a poll for another time. I suppose it doesn't really matter how you find information or where you share but I do relish reading a more nuanced idea on a blog as opposed to a constant stream of 140 characters. 

Back to the findings. 

With almost 326 votes, I suppose it has some validity. What surprised me, but perhaps shouldn't have, was the even distribution of responses.  I think that's a reflection of the new affordances and opportunities. People are finding value and learning in all kinds of tools and this truly represents a personalization of learning spaces. It was largely a good reminder to me that my own perceptions might not always be reality. Duh. 

Maybe your experience isn't captured with these responses or you have your own take. Feel free to comment and use more than 140 characters.