The Making of Sharing: The Moral Imperative

In case you missed it, I was privileged to provide the Pre-Conference Keynote for 2010 K12 Online Conference. You can watch it there and comment but I did want to share some insights on how I created the video. While it may not look like it, it took between 40-50 hours and I thought I'd show you how I did it. 


And now you know.

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  • Mike Nantais

    Hey Dean, the keynote was excellent and I plan on showing it to my students (pre-service teachers) for discussion. Thanks for sharing this backgrounder too & setting the example. I was wondering about the iPad teleprompter & you answered that! Thanks.

  • Thanks for share(ski)ing the making of- its really valuable model again to have people think about being able to document not only a final product or project but the process (or how you say up there. PRO-cess) of creating a multimedia production.

  • Dean,

    Fantastic job on Sharing: The Moral Imperative. Really enjoyed watching it and learning. It was evident that you invested a huge amount of time on this. You have raised the bar indeed. Thanks for also sharing how you put this all together.

  • Thanks, Dean … I enjoyed your comments about the process and the way you delivered it as well. I think that using your initial presentation along with the Q/A from the fireside chat, and this video will be a worthwhile watch for many of the teachers I know who are not online a whole lot, but who look at links shared with them. Cheers… Bob

  • You once again snared my rapt attention. As I watched, I wondered about the logisitics. Now I know! Even better, I have something to share with my National Board candidate teachers looking for microphone and sound solutions for their fifteen and twenty minutes of video fame sent in to the NB Assessment center. Several have asked specifically about microphones since editing those videos is considered a big no-no, as any editing noted makes the NB video unscorable. Thanks for a great message (the keynote) and continuing my learning beyond the message of sharing.

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  • paulmartin42

    Better still you (1) show google docs and other tools in action (2) attract a community (3) lead …… Attaboy !

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