The Blogging Process

Wasn’t really aware of this inquiry amongst bloggers but Wes tagged me so I’ll oblige.

The question of how the blogging process works for me is likely not vastly different from others but in an effort to be somewhat original, here goes:

  1. Originality. It doesn’t take long for a topic to hit the blogosphere and in no time becomes old news. Unless I feel I can contribute something really unique, I’ll likely leave it alone. On the other hand, there’s a bit of a journalistic appeal to be the first to post a breaking story or least present something new.
  2. Brevity. The nature of the web requires a different style of writing. Personally I almost am disappointed when one of my regulars decides to write a short dissertation. Not that there isn’t a place for that but I’ve become accustomed to very concise writing that DOESN’T fill in all the gaps. That’s what comments are for. I don’t think I’ve written many posts over 500 words.
  3. Emotion. Some might call it passion but often I’m simply compelled to write out of a reaction to a post, news story, or other observation. That doesn’t mean that I write it immediately. Often I’ll start it, leave it, think some more, read some more and finish it.
  4. Coolness or Humor. These are certainly less in depth but I think our blogs should reflect our personalities. Injecting the less than academic posts are important. I like bloggers who let their hair down once in a while.
  5. Personal. While many of the things I write about are reflections on things I read the stuff I experience with teachers, students and administrators is the most important. As someone who is not dealing with kids everyday, the fear of being out of touch concerns me. I find most pleasure sharing what I’ve done and seen.

That’s it. Brief enough?