I call it a bit weird but maybe there’s more to it

I’m a sucker for things on the web that are just plain weird. Case in point my furl account has a separate topic called “A Bit Weird“. The lastest two are courtesy of Clarence.

At first glance the only word I could think of to describe them was weird but I knew there was more to it. There are stories here. Thousands of them. As we try to tell students, almost anything can make a good story. Look at Seinfeld, it’s a show about nothing. Not really but the point is there’s good and interesting stuff in everyday life. Nothing new, but these sites help to illustrate that well.

On Tuesday, I’m giving a presentation on digital storytelling. I’ll talk about the need for digital stories, show some examples, consider tools and include some resources. I need to add these sites as inspirations for stories as well. I did a photo essay a few months back that reminds of this, though not nearly as interesting.

Oh, one more weird site from Google Maps.