Preparing Students for our Changing World

This article is from Willard Daggett that I had the priviledge of hearing back in January.

Here are my rather sketchy notes on his speech. Reading the full article will provide the background.

A partnership with K-12, higher ed and the businsess community is the ONLY model for effective change
Study based on examining the 30 top achieving High schools in the US

  • We need to spend more time explaining WHY we need to change
  • if you start with the HOW the majority will respond with, “this too shall pass”
  • make change voluntary
  • understand your three groups :
    • lunatic fringe…never heard an idea they didn’t like
    • realists
    • those who will always say, “this too shall pass”
  • spend your first year explaining why
  • year two the realists will move over
  • year three some of the “this too shall pass” group joins

Main Characteristics of these schools

  • Learning Communities
  • High Expectations…espescially in the area of literacy (see the article for his definition)
  • 9th Grade is different
    • 20-40% weren’t ready for 9th grade
    • Research does not validate remediation
    • Core subjects taught in context of electives
    • looping of 8th grade teachers to 9th grade
  • 12th Grade…kids that were ready got all requirements by 11th grade and used 12th grade to acquire AP classes
  • Data at the classroom level revealed curriculum was too heavy. Pared it down to essentials. Critical benchmarks taught in multiple subjects
  • Emphasis on Relationships and Reflective thought…looping teachers develops relationships with students. Reflective thought cannot take place with no relationships.
  • Professional Development is NOT mandated.
    1. Strong Leadership

    He gave me lots to think about. What are your thoughts???