Ubiquitous or Pervasive

Our school techs will banter with each other about these catch phrases. Anytime they introduce new technologies, these words will evidently come into the conversation. It’s becoming an inside joke.

I watch the movie Cellular last night.

Fast paced, energetic and thought provoking as it related to technology. I enjoyed the special feature which dealt with many of the questions around the history of cell phones as well as the future. The piece ended with a prediction of one of the experts that we will have embedded chips under our skin and will simply have to think of someone and the chip will dial their number.

I don’t know if that’s where things are headed but it’s becoming more and more clear that the cell phone is quickly become the most prevalent technology we have. This certainly will raise and has already raised some interesting questions for schools.

My take is we need to accept this technology is here to stay and we’d better figure out how we can use it like any other tool to learn. It was mentioned in the special feature that cell phone makers really had no idea what young people would use them for and have since responed to their desires on using them. Cameras, text messaging, web browsing have all been uses that were never intended originally.

I’d like to think that technology is value free but that’s perhaps a bit naive. I do however feel that we as educators are in a very influential position in helping students learn to use the technology in the most effective ways.

I give Cellular a thumbs up.

ps. I don’t own a cell phone.