as the precursor to Twitter

I’ve been a user for a couple of years. I started social bookmarking with Furl and made the switch mostly because of the number of users. is all about the network. I have almost 1000 bookmarks and I’m sure at least half of them are from my network.  If you’re not currently using the network feature of you’re missing out.

One of the most important feeds I subscribe to is my network. Like twitter I can follow anyone’s bookmarks so daily I receive a feed of bookmarks from the likes of Will Richardson, David Jakes, Jeff Utecht, Wes Fryer and 23 other people (I need to add to that number). If you want add me to your network for example, simply go to your network link at the top of the delicious page and add the user of your choice on the right side of the page. To subscribe to your network page, click the RSS icon at the bottom of the page and you’ll be able to be notified every time your network has added a new bookmark. One more part of my research team. These people are scouring the web … Read the rest

Twitter…still stupid but effective

Yes I twitter and yes it’s stupid and yes I still do it.

I’ll try anything once, as evidenced by the countless vacant activity in dozens of social networking sites.  But after reading Darren’s revelation and pointing me to Alan’s portion of the Open, Connected movie, it made more sense.  I could certainly point to several resources, connections and good fun discovered but spending a short time twittering.

Alan points to the experience I had today using twitter. The idea of having instant access and discovering incidental ideas is quite captivating. It reminds me a but of StumbleUpon which I although I haven’t used for quite a while, provided some great treasures. Twitter isn’t just about links and resources but personalizes things. The idea of nano blogging is nice outlet for me and others who struggle with creating fully developed blog posts.

I still don’t fully get it but I get it more now.

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