Take a Letter Maria

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Found this handy tool via twitter and I think Darren? Easypost.ca allows you to write a letter and send it to someone’s real address. I tried it and it worked great!

I thought it was kinda cool. Must be an upstart company as indicated by this on their FAQ section:

Who operates EasyPost.ca?
Some cool people from Canada and a small team of hamsters.

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Twitter…still stupid but effective

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Yes I twitter and yes it’s stupid and yes I still do it.

I’ll try anything once, as evidenced by the countless vacant activity in dozens of social networking sites.  But after reading Darren’s revelation and pointing me to Alan’s portion of the Open, Connected movie, it made more sense.  I could certainly point to several resources, connections and good fun discovered but spending a short time twittering.

Alan points to the experience I had today using twitter. The idea of having instant access and discovering incidental ideas is quite captivating. It reminds me a but of StumbleUpon which I although I haven’t used for quite a while, provided some great treasures. Twitter isn’t just about links and resources but personalizes things. The idea of nano blogging is nice outlet for me and others who struggle with creating fully developed blog posts.

I still don’t fully get it but I get it more now.

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Podcast 24 43 Things

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43 Things PresentationThis is a presentation I gave on Feb. 20th at our annual Teachers’ Convention. Normally a 2 day convention but shortened to one this year, this session was the last session in the day right before a 3 day break. With that in mind, I decided not to offer anything too taxing on the brain. So 43 Things is stolen from the website of the same name but simply is a collection of resources I feel are essential in a digital lifestyle. Most of this will be stuff many of you use but there may be one or two things you’ll take from this. All the links are embedded in the slides displayed below and you can click on them as well.

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Blogs on Corner Gas

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If you’re not familiar with Corner Gas you’re missing something. It’s a great comedy that is filmed in Rouleau, SK, just half an hour from my house. (One of my headers features the set). They recently did an episode on blogs. The other neat thing is that CTV is now offering the episodes online. Watch it here. Corner Gas is also being distributed in the US. I know many CBS is offering shows online but as Canadians, we can’t access them. I’m hoping some of my US readers will let me know if they are able to view the episodes.

Pass along a review of the Blog Episode.

Update: As Michael points out in the comment below, it has to be a Canadian IP to view the videos.  So CBS isn’t the only one who believes in protectionism. Watch for it in the US soon on Chicago’s WGN.

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