Delight 8: Rex Chapman’s Tweets

There are many delightful people tweeting delightful things. But perhaps the best known is Rex Chapman. I actually remember him as a basketball player. His twitter account has emerged over the last year by building off the “block or charge” meme which is a riff off the basketball call officials have to make every time a foul around contact is called.

He has a knack for curating great video tweets. Many are funny but he also seems to have coined the tweet, “This is the content I’m here for” which are typically stories that show the best of humanity.

Case in point…

There are so many adjectives to describe that, everything from beautiful to heart-warming. I see it as delightful, a little sprinkle of goodness that reminds us of the kindness that still exists. For Chapman, he’s using this partly as an antidote for his time addicted to opioids.

… it’s a way to bring some joy to himself and to everyone who clicks.

“It’s so silly,” he says. “It’s the dumbest, lowest form of entertainment. I’m happy to be alive and share some laughs with people.”

In today’s world and particularly as we navigate the craziness that the Covid virus has brought us all, I’m going to suggest that we distract ourselves from the news and constant updates and consume content that brings us delight. And then even after this all passes, we consider this not just as a distraction but as delightful medicine that is good for our souls.