December 31, 2007

Top 5 Blog Posts I Wrote in 2007

This is the final in my series of top 5’s. (I can hear the mocking applause now)

Looking back on my 204 blog posts of 2007 (actually 197 since Wes Fryer guest blogged for a bit).  These five post represent not necessarily my best writing but my best learning. in choosing these, I had a look at the comments as well since to me most of my writing relies on the additions of others to make the writing better. The more I write, the more I sense the power of collaboration inside my own blog. Thank you all for that.

  • Is it just me….this post from April signaled the beginning of many similar posts and thoughts and is helping my structure learning experiences to move away from this model
  • Just the Facts….powerful research that I carry with me wherever I go as inevitably every discussion about publishing and participating in digital learning raises these questions.
  • If you ain’t a feed, I don’t read…This post got me in a bit of hot water (most of which was engaged via email) but I really learned quite a bit. Not that I would totally change my post but see the perspectives of the other side a bit better.
  • PLC’s…Something’s Missing…this one is of great personal importance to me because of my local division’s and province’s assessment movement. While there are some great things about it, I still think it’s easier to slip into some nasty habits around assessment.
  • Shifted Learning and Silliness…Those who follow me in twitter, will certainly attest to the silliness part.  This post reflects a great deal of my learning in 2007. As you can see, I reference an experience I had in summer and try to map how that might evolve in our classrooms. This will certainly continue to be a major theme for me in 2008.

Thanks to everyone who bothers to read and contribute to my learning. I hope I’ve been of some help to you as well.  Have a happy 2008!

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