November 12, 2006

Bringing Social Networks to Life

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Ewan posted this and it provides a powerful message. I’d never heard of Bebo before but it would seem to fit into the myspace/social network sites of the internet. The video tries to look at what really happens in a social network. The good and bad are portrayed here. I think it really opens ups some great opportunities to discuss the implications of social networking with students. Even if you’re not fully aware of social networks, why not engage your students in this discussion. You’ll learn a great deal from them.
[gv data=”ueRqGzwMjEI”][/gv]
PS. If you’re teaching somewhere where youtube is blocked, there are ways to download youtube videos to reuse.

Here’s one method:
*Getting an FLV player/encoder.

*Saving the FLV file.
*If you use Mozilla/Firefox, this plugin will help you bypass a lot of this step.
*Playing the FLV file.

*Converting the FLV file into something else.