July 13, 2006

Guest blogging in Oklahoma

When I was a kid I loved watching Johnny Carson. I particularly loved Monday nights because he’d often have a guest host. Although I liked Carson, it was always interesting to see how others handled the monologue and interviews.

Wes Fryer, who recently moved to Edmond, Oklahoma, is one of my favourite reads and certainly gets my vote for pumping out the most stuff, has asked me to do some guest blogging on his site while he’s on holidays. This, to me, is a rather new concept and one that offers me an opportunity to write to some new people and also keeps his content fresh.

I’m going to be quite busy the next few days, trying to get a daughter married off and  preparing for some workshops. I don’t quite know what will happen to my blog. I don’t want to simply cross post everything and yet when I think I’ve got some good stuff, I don’t want to have to choose where I’ll post.

I’ll do my best to keep things alive on both fronts but it’s kind of a neat opportunity and so I’ll likely focus my efforts on Wes’ site. It’s a nice honour to be asked to write on someone else’s blog.
He has agreed to do some guest blogging for me next month. I imagine I’ll double my postings for the year during that time.