I wish I never wrote about digital cameras and why stats matter

In October of 2005, I wrote a post about buying digital cameras for less than $100. (Notice I didn’t even link to it here). A good number of my readers find my blog by doing this type of search. It’s not exactly what I’d like to be known for and I know I’ve written much more thoughtful, insightful posts than that but nevertheless, it is a popular post.

I just finished a great conversation with Darren (a podcast I’ll post shortly) and he talked about how others have found his class blogs. He talked to his students about what they were writing about and how others really want to learn from him and his students.


Statistics for your blog is more than an ego boost. It helps you understand what people think is important and what they want to read about. So for now I’ll think about my digital camera post in the same way that car dealerships entice you with free golf clubs or fishing equipment (I actually got one of these in the mail today). They really don’t care why you came, as long as you spend money. So come to my blog and hopefully you’ll learn I’m more than your digital camera expert…which I never was!